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    • Katelynn

      me ha gustAdo mucho esdivertida e ingeniosa

      Me gusta

    • Wilbert

      Excelente historia de cómo se forja un campeón....

      Me gusta

    • Melhorn

      Hoy os vengo a reseñar esta obra en colaboración con Phoebe (Ediciones Pamies) a los que tengo que dar las gracias por el ejemplar. mobi

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    • Emelina

      La compresssion audio detruit la lecture. C’est quasi impossible à écouter

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    • Tomei

      Who the Bishop Knows by Vannetta Chapman is the third story in The Amish Bishop Mysteries. Bishop Henry Lapp is attending the Ski Hi Stampede in Monte Vista, Colorado with his fiancé, Emma Fisher. Jeremiah Schwartz comes out of the chute to wrangle a steer and a shot rings out. Henry, who was obtaining refreshments, runs to check on Emma and notices Jeremiah on the ground. Unfortunately, Jeremiah does not survive the bullet wound. Jeremiah was visiting his grandmother, Ruth Schwartz for the summer to help her with farm chores, and he competes at local rodeo’s as an amateur steer wrangler. Who would want to harm Jeremiah? In the past, Henry has used his unique gift to draw scenes to help solve crimes. This time, though, Henry did not witness the shooting. Sheriff Roy Grayson will still need Henry’s help in speaking with Jeremiah’s friends and family as well as utilizing his observation skills and ability to judge a person’s character. They soon discover that Jeremiah had secrets and one of them could have gotten him killed. Can they catch the culprit before he harms someone else? Henry would like the crime solved before his wedding to Emma in three weeks. Come to Monte Vista one last time to help Bishop Henry Lapp solve Jeremiah’s murder and see the nuptials of this adorable couple.

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